Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mazal- Tov, Mazal-Tov!

The theme of my blog Miriam’s Words is family. I would like to tell you how a medical miracle brought happiness to our family.

This morning [Thursday], our family celebrated a miracle. Our grandson Gilad Eliahu Raphael, was called to the Torah for his first Aliya.

Celebrating with Gilad and his family were is classmates from ”Yeshivat Yashlatz”, where Gilad is a student in the 8th grade.

Shabbat, Parsha Noah, will be a Shabbat of celebration for our family. Gilad will once again be called to the Torah, where he will Lein [recite] the Torah portion and in the evening his parents will host a Melava Malka. Gilad, who is a Ben Torah, will give a shuir [talk] about Middot [good deeds].

Let me back track and tell you why Gilad’s Bar Mitzvah is a miracle.

After many years of marriage, my daughter and son-in-law made the decision to try I.V.F. in order to have a family. After some failed procedures, I won’t forget the day Devorah called and said the pregnancy test was positive. She was laughing and crying for joy so hard it was difficult to understand what she was saying.

On the 27th day of Tishri, 5758 [October 23rd 1997], my husband Avraham and I were blessed with a grandson.

Gilad, is the oldest child in his family and has five siblings, 4 sisters and one brother.

Mazal-Tov to Devorah and Hagai. May you always shep nachas and simchas from Gilad and your other precious children.

Mazal-Tov to Safta Miriam Horev, and the entire Horev/ Goodman families.

And a very special mazal-tov to our Bar Mitzvah boy. Gilad you have always been a source of pride and happiness to Saba Avraham and me. May you continue on the path of Torah and Mitzvot and be the best person you can be. We wish you B’hazalach [good luck] on all your endeavors.

We Love You!
Safta Miriam and Saba Avraham

Here are a few pictures from this morning's Aliya.


Stan and Gail said...

Mazel-tov to you and the Gan-se Mishpucha
A good looking young Man with a Zeal for learning
Your Blogs are always so interesting and well written
Thanks for sharing some of your insights and feelings
Shabbat Shalom
Stan & Gail

Fajgi said...

Dear Miriam,

Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!

May you continue to have much nachas from all of your children and grandchildren.


Beverley said...

Wishing you all loads of mazal tov and nachat from all your grandchildren.

PG, I'll c u tomorrow,

Jayme said...

Mazel tov!! I read your blog. I am glad it went so well today!! Looking forward to seeing you on Sat!!


Manis said...

Mazel Tov to you, Avraham and the entire family Miriam. The picture was beautiful.I am thrilled for all pleasure has brought to your family.


Neomi said...

"Mazal Tov... Only Simchot!! "


Miriam's Words said...
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Janet said...

"Mazel Tov to all!!!!!"


ChayaGolda said...

Mazal Tov Miriam!! May you and your whole family have many simachot to share and may you continue to shep nachas from all of your beautiful grandchildren, blee eyin hora. Nicely written as well, it was a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing!

Esther said...

Mazal Tov to you and Saba Avraham. You should always have reat nachas from Gilad and all your grandchildren. Esther and Yitzchak

Selma said...

Mazel Tov to all of you! Be well and may you continue to treasure every moments
of your children's and grandchildren's lives!

much nachas, Selma

Shirley and Jack said...

Dear Miriam & Avram,

We wish you Mazal Tov on Gilad's first Aliyah yesterday.Also to you both Devorah & Chagai & all the family for his Barmitzvah tomorrow.May you all enjoy nachat from all the grandchilden & continue to make Simchot.

All our love,

Shirley & Jack.

Miriam's Words said...

Thank-you to everyone for your good wishes. Gilad was just fantastic on Shabbos. Avraham and I shepped much nachas.